#1: Hugger Backpack 30L

In 2023, one Hugger was sold every 10 minutes making it our best-selling Backpack ever. 

Fun fact
Over the years, we have released about 28 different colorways and one person in Norway has collected them all (apart from Truls).  Rumour has it you’ll meet them in January along with one of the most requested Huggers of all time. Nothing like kicking off 2024 with a bang. 

Community Q&A
What was the longest trip you took with the Hugger Backpack this year?

- I went from Norway to Thailand with stops in India, Spain and Sweden.
- I did eight weeks offshore on a boat. Six weeks of what was spent underwater. 
-I took mine on my trip around the world this year.

  • Best Seller

  • Best Seller