Bring more, carry less

To solve the hassle of carrying multiple bags, we invented the Hook-Up System™, which enables you to connect your bags together. Hook up and haul several bags with one hand, and carry your coffee in the other.

One size fits all

Our Patented Length Adjustment System™ makes your bag the perfect size - no matter the length of your gear. Products featuring the Length Adjustment System™ have the ability to roll-up and compress to a fraction of their full size, allowing you to store them easily in your apartment, or saving space in your closet or garage.

Protect your precious

The Rib-Cage Construction™ is composed of strong and lightweight polymer ribs. This design allows for excess padding to be removed from the bags, creating a lighter and more protective product. This defines our Db signature look, stable and solid, giving them a proud silhouette even when not fully packed.