– Obtain GRS certificates for all recycled materials 

– All main fabrics will be Bluesign or Oeko-tex certified

– All our products are 100% PFC-free

– All our black and grey webbings will be dope dyed

– Phase out PVC from the products

– All our plastic bags will be made from recycled material 

– 100% of the paper we use will be FSC certified and recycled to the extent of best practise 

– We will implement new packaging for small items to reduce material and ship less air

– Sustainable shipping shall be the default option on web orders and the climate impact from each shipping mode presented

– Our suppliers are presented on our web page in our supplier list, that is updated regularly 

– Implement more repair partners in our main markets


– All all our main fabrics and base colours will be dope dyed 

– Air freight shall be used for <1% of our shipped bulk products 

– 100% renewable energy at the warehouses

– Reduce stock transportation between warehouses

– Launching circular products 

– Rental programme 

– All Tier-2 suppliers are visited and audited 

– Support the employees of our Tier-1 and Tier-2 suppliers and their communities


– 90% of all materials we buy will be from recycled sources

– 100% of the energy used in Tier-1 is from renewable sources