Ramverk Pro Check-in Luggage Medium Silver

Ramverk Pro Check-in Luggage Medium
6.999 kr
Ramverk Pro Check-in Luggage Medium
6.999 kr

Ramverk Pro

Aluminium frame, maximum protection.

Color Silver Out of stock
Capacity Check-in M (66 x 45.5 x 28.5 CM) Out of stock

The triple award-winning Ramverk Pro Medium Check-in luggage is here to revolutionize your journeys. It has an unmatched protection to weight ratio with its mix of lightweight polycarbonate shells and a robust aluminum frame, making it handle anything you (or baggage handlers) throw at it. Featuring TSA-approved locks, internal dividers and 360° Ultra Silent Hinomoto wheels, luggage is no longer an afterthought.

✓ Aluminum frame ensures a superior weight:protection ratio
✓ TSA numerical locks
✓ Easy-to-organize split shell compartments
✓ Ultra silent Japanese Hinomoto 360° spinner wheels
✓ Ultra sturdy Db designed trolley system

2 year warranty

Free shipping

Free returns

Ramverk Pro Check-in Luggage Medium Silver

Model is 169cm

Ramverk Pro Check-in Luggage Medium Silver

The Ramverk Pro Medium Check-in is 67L. Designed with a week-long getaway in mind, it's lighter, tighter and perfect for the smart packer - fitting an array of Db Packing Cubes and Camera Inserts. The Ramverk Pro Large Check-in is an 87L bag ideal for long-haul adventures. It’s big, bold and built to take a beating - perfect for two weeks away from home or longer.

Volumes 36L Front-access Carry-on 36L Carry-on 67L Check-in Medium 87L Check-in Large
Dimensions 54 x 39.5 x 24 CM 54 x 39.5 x 23 CM 66 x 45.5 x 28.5 CM 73.5 x 49 x 30.5 CM

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    Packing for a one to two night getaway doesn't get any easier than this.

    • Capacity

      38 Litres
      54.5 x 38.5 x 23 CM

    • Weight


    • Length of trip

      1-3 days

    • Key Features

      - Zippered closure
      - Front-access lid
      - Interior divider
      - TSA numerical lock
      - 16" Laptop Compartment
      - 360° wheels