It’s all in the gear

Winter travel is always an expedition. Snow travel preferences are individual - some like to rent kit, others wouldn’t be caught dead on the slopes without their own skis or board. We’re not here to tell you the exact formula for getting your gear to the mountains, but what we can do is give you enough options to suit every trip and every traveler. 

Oh, don’t forget that our products are designed to work together. If you’re looking to purchase multiple products over 1000 kr, then you can save up to 20%.

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For skis and boards

Ski bags are traditionally bulky, difficult to pack, worse to store and just not that great to lug around. We changed that in 2011 with the Snow Roller. 

The Snowroller is our award-winning OG Db bag with Rib-Cage Technology™, our patented Length-Adjustment System™ and Hook-Up System™. It comes in various sizes depending on how long you like to travel for and the kit you want to take. 

For multiple pairs of skis or boards, the original Snow Roller Pro 127L is the perfect travel companion whereas if you prefer traveling light, opt for the Snow Roller 70L. If you’re more of a day tripper, then our Essential Ski Bag will be exactly what you’re looking for.

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For hands-free travel

Our Snowrollers are designed to Hook-Up™ to almost every one of our bags, but they work best with Hugger Rollers and Duffel bags. The Hook-Up System™ is one of our award-winning technologies that allows you to daisy chain your Db bags together so you can always keep one hand free for the important stuff - like coffee. 

Stuck between a Hugger Roller and Duffel? Rollers keep the weight off your shoulders and are great for long-haul travel, but if you’re heading somewhere where well-paved roads might not be the norm, go for a Duffel.