Db Preset Collection

Db Preset Collection
599 kr
Db Preset Collection
599 kr

Introducing the Db Preset, tuned and refined over 8 years by the Db Media House with the help of the world’s leading photographers.

✓ Easy editing
✓ Db feed look and feel
✓ Digital download
✓ No computer required for mobile installation

Db Preset Collection

What’s in the box? (OK, it’s not really a box)

The Db Preset Collection includes 5 of our best Db presets. We’ve also included 13 handy quick-variations to make your photos even more unique. These Presets work with the free Lightroom Mobile version as well as Lightroom Desktop.

The Db Preset Collection comes with a step-by-step PDF guide to walk you through the simple process for how to import and use the Presets in Lightroom.

The beauty of the Db Preset is in its simplicity: easy to use and consistent results.

Installation guide

The Preset

We use our E01 - E05 presets 99% of the time and make slight tweaks to adapt to the different situations we are in. That is what gives our images a recognizable Db look, even though we use a variety of talented photographers, shooting in different lighting, with different cameras, including Drones, GoPro and Phones.

The Db Preset is simple to install and even easier to use. Watch the video and you’ll see what we mean. And BTW, it's just as easy on Android.

The base tonal curve for E01 is 8 years of iteration and refinement in the making. We’ve crafted this Preset over 240 travel shoots and perfected it across more than half a million images. The Db Preset works perfectly across pretty much any device you will shoot with. We think it’s perfect but, y’know, we’re biased.

Some might say that presets make you less creative. We’d like to challenge that. Creativity is about the way you see the world. With the Db Preset you can play with your world to see it in new ways. Use the Db curves to stretch yourself and find a new look and feel, or maybe even a completely new direction.

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