Build your own travel companion.

Our products are designed to work together. Take your travel set up to the next level and save up to 20% when buying multiple items over 1.000kr.

2 products = 10% off

3 products = 15% off

4 products = 20% off

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Choose your base

A decent piece of hold Luggage should be in everyone’s travel arsenal. Choose between the Ramverk Check-In Luggage Large and Medium as a base for your ultimate getaway bundle. Go for Large if you like to travel for two weeks or more, or Medium for week-long breaks.

Choose your side-piece

Next up, you’re going to need the Robin to your Batman, the ketchup to your mayo, the maple to your bacon, the sidekick to your Check-in Luggage. Choose between carry-on pieces, backpacks and a Sling Bag - perfect for traveling light and keeping everything  in easy reach.