Professional Skier

Date of birth
17 August 1982

Mora, Sweden

Calling Jon Olsson a skier is like calling Amazon a book store. After helping pioneer the sport of freeskiing, the charismatic Swede morphed himself into a tireless entrepreneur, brand builder and experimenter. He. Does. Not. Stop. After cofounding Db with friend Truls Brataas, Jon has continued skiing, car racing, boat building, YouTubing and so much more. He even founded another company, C’est Normal, which sells out of its clothes with every drop. In the words of Jay-Z, he’s not a businessman he’s a business, man.

Career Highlights

1. Gold medal Big Air - Winter X Games (2008)

2. Gold medal Superpipe - Winter X Games (2002)

3. First place - Red Bull Big Air (2003)

Jon's Favorite Db Gear

“When you are on the road 300 days per year, your bags are your home. So when we set out to design The Djärv Snowroller we wanted to make travelling as smart and easy as possible.”

- Jon Olsson Delér

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