Professional Skier

Date of birth
26 December 1982

Lørenskog, Norway

Aksel is basically a Norwegian superhero. The ski-race legend — who has won nine World Championship medals and four Olympic medals —has gracefully transitioned from podium ski finishes to a life of fast cars, book writing, huffing and puffing on his bicycle and even giving back through Right To Play, a non-profit that “empowers vulnerable children to overcome the effects of war, poverty and disease around the world through play.” Oh, and business, too. The guy has been his own manager since he turned 18, simultaneously negotiating the world of sport and business with a confidence beyond his years.

Career Highlights

1. Olympic gold medal - Super-G (2010)

2. Olympic gold medal - Downhill (2018)

3. World cup champion (2009)

Aksel's Favorite Db Gear

“The Strøm 50L is more portable than a duffel, more versistale than a carry-on and carries more than a regular backpack.”

- Aksel Lund Svindal

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