Dream On Dreamer
You’re probably reading this at home.

It’s where I’m writing you from. (Hi.) Millions of other people around the world are here, too.


And it doesn’t matter that home is where the heart is, or that there’s no place like it. When the government mandates that we stay here, it’s easy to feel like an eagle with clipped wings.

This is the part of the movie that’s in black and white, looking out the window as rain drips down the glass. This is achy music, ominous tones. Home is where we must be, physically. But our minds can be elsewhere.

Our minds can live in the next part of the movie — the part where we overcome the grey to live our lives in vibrant color, with upbeat beats and wide open streets. Where our wings are healthy and we can soar high and travel far. I love this part of the movie. It feels like freedom.

Because when this is through — when the borders are open and the herd is immune and we can drink Corona unironically — there will be a global spring unlike any we’ve seen in our lifetimes. Economic growth. Baby booms. Sunshine, flowers, bunnies, etc. We’ll be taking shots of perspective and washing it down with unbridled optimism, and we’re going to do it together.

For now, they can restrain our movement and liberties. They can keep us at home. No problem. We’ve got a map and some darts. We’ve got a pen and a planner. We’ve got hopes. Of the places we’ll go, the waves we’ll surf, and the mouths we’ll kiss.

We’ve got dreams.



P.S. While you’re at home, maybe it's time you went back through some of those photos rusting away in your hard drive. We released our
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