Professional Skier

Date of birth
4 December 1990

Crans-Montana, Switzerland

Nico Vuignier is a skier and visual artist who sees the slopes in everyday objects. A roll of toilet paper. A coffee cup. Anything. And he’s created a truly original style of taking those everyday objects and blending them with his ski footage, as a self taught video editor and graphic designer. The intensely curious and inspired Nico says he, “feels obligated to try everything, but in [his] own way.” What’s next for Nico? Take a look around you right now. See anything white? He’s probably making that a snowy mountainside as we speak.

Career Highlights

1. 1st at Redbull Linecatcher 2015

2. Broke the internet with “Centriphone” 2016

Nico's Favorite Db Gear

“The Explorer is my go-to bag for any day on the mountains, it’s the perfect size with all the bells and whistle I need.”

- Nicolas Vuignier

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