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Db Editions

Below you’ll find the Db design department’s favorite experiments and collabs with some of our most creative friends. Black will never go out of style, but for those who aren’t afraid to stand out, we’re proud to offer a dash of flair.

The Sage Green Edition

Inspired by Scandinavian springs and the lively hues that paint the hillside in Hoddevik, Norway (with a splash of orange to help the bags blossom).


The Desert Khaki Edition

A color that represents getting lost in the unknown but feeling most alive while doing it. Inspired by the deserts, one of nature's most extreme but yet so appealing environments.


Db Camo 3.0

Introducing Db’s third camo collection, inspired by cofounder Jon Olsson’s custom version of the Swedish military’s M90 pattern. Grab ‘em while you can — the first two launches sold out in minutes!


Db x Benjamin Ortega 2.0

Gold-and-black is back! We’re excited to introduce Benjamin Ortega’s second collection with Db, featuring fresh products, PU leather and our newest gate-lock hooks.


The Brightside Yellow Edition

This one’s for our retailers. The mom and pop shops. The custodians of our culture. In an effort to support the core stores we grew up on, we’re launching Brightside Yellow exclusively through our network of premier retailers.


The White Out Edition

Inspired by the arctic landscapes surrounding our Scandinavian home turf, we are proud to present the White Out collection. In addition to the Igloo — which can be yours for just $20k — the White Out range includes many of your favorite Db products crafted with pristine PU leather and debuting our newly designed hooks.


Db x Marcelo Vieira

Throughout his life, Marcelo Vieira — 4-time UEFA Champions League winner, Olympic medalist and owner of a 1,000-watt smile — has created his own luck. Through routine. Through family. Through...purple? That’s right.


The Black Out Edition

We all know black is classic, it’s bold yet sleek. Sophisticated yet badass. You really can’t go wrong with black, the hardest choice is how many styles to rep.


The Deep Sea Blue Edition

With inspiration drawn from the oceans that blanket our planet and the whitewater created from stormy seas, this majestic blue color with white contrasting details will stand the test of time. Let the Deep Sea blue become your new loyal partner when out exploring the world, whether crossing oceans or land.


The Scarlet Red Edition

Unapologetically bold and fiery, the Scarlet Red color embodies everything we want to get out of life and all the adventures it has to offer. It’s for the ones who have an inner wild side and the ones who aren’t about blending in with the crowd.


Launching Soon

The what?

We have some pretty huge news - in fact, what we’re talking about will take Db in a whooole new direction. It’s uncharted territory, but fear not - we’ve bossed it. It was hard, it is hard, and you know what? That’s all you’re going to get.

Berry nice

It’s been a while since we released a new colourway, and boy oh boy did our design team have fun flexing their pantone swatches to come up with this one. Inspired by the world around us, this is a colourway that is guaranteed to look schmick in any setting.

Incase you missed it

If you missed this announcement, you can’t be following Db on socials (better get on that ASAP). We’re dipping our toe into the accessories market with a product AND design picked by you. Smash pistes, not phones people.


This one is so top secret that our designers haven’t even told us lowly web-folk what this is. Google tells us that Gneiss is some sort of metamorphic rock, but that doesn’t give us much to go on. Worth signing up to Db Black to get the low-down on this one - we are.

Past Collections

Db x Doutravel & Gypsea_lust

Together with Jack and Lauren, we bring you our most wanderlust collection yet. With a soft brushed look matched with white and bronze details it gives the bags a relaxed and cool look. Gear up, get ready and go travel the world!

Db x Benni

A limited edition collection created together with no one else than filmer and Db family member Benjamin Ortega! Black PU leather can never go wrong. But the devil is in the details, right? Inspired by Benni’s unique style we added gold details to make this edition really spark.

Gym Hugger

This Limited Edition The Strøm 30L Backpack was created to celebrate all of our athletes taking themselves, and their sports, to new levels. Bike, Snowboard, Surf, Ski, CrossFit, MMA, you name it - he sports and genres may vary, but they all have one thing in common; without the hours of hard work, blood, sweat and tears, progression and great achievements would not be possible. 

Cloud Grey Limited Edition

We don’t call the Cloud Grey our most all-round colour for nothing. This time with an amped up Douchebags logo and black details in four limited styles meaning anyone and everyone can have the thrill of taking this colour from day to night.

Black Out Limited Edition

We’ve brought back everything you loved about our last limited edition, but this time we’ve upped the ante and it’s a full on Black Out! With distinctive white details against a classic black backdrop, this edition is our most versatile and dauntless yet.

Cloud Grey

Inspired by the vast salt flats and sandy deserts of Utah’s harsh climate, the Cloudy Grey color perfectly adapts to any environment or style you might find yourself in. It’s not just a grey bag, it’s an “all occasion, no rules, and no limits” grey bag because it’s up to you how you rock, style, and rep it.

Db x Jay Alvarrez

This special edition series is for you thrill seekers out there who keep pushing the boundaries and pursuing dreams, to all of you who like to travel in style. Globetrotting social media superstar, action sport lover and Db friend Jay Alvarrez brought back the loved black PU leather.

Db x Janni

This special edition collection was designed in collaboration with our muse and style guru; travel queen Janni Olsson Delér. We wanted something different and unexpected. It resulted in a light color and copper details never done before at Db.


Taking inspiration from a city lifestyle, Db now RED|efines its limited friends and family edition. Mixing every day with the extraordinary.

The Friends & Family Edition

The new Friends and Family edition is the perfect blend of our most trusted styles, in a new unique design. Made to show gratitude to our friends and family that supported us from day one.