What is Stab?
Next week, we will be launching a collaboration with Stab. Now if you know what Stab is, then this article is not for you. But, if you have never heard about it before and you like surfing, then you should definitely keep reading.

If you go to stab.com and go to the about page, you’ll find a bit of text that reads; We’re not trained filmmakers, writers and producers. We’re a small group of surfers with a few big ideas that we want to see in this world. So whether you’re guessing boards in Stab In The Dark, learning How Surfers Get Paid, or riding shotgun on Stab Highway, we know you’re here for the same reason we are. Because surfing matters, and because we like to surf.

If I had to describe Stab, I would say that it’s a website where you can find the best videos, articles and news about surfing. Their video content is especially next level. It’s like going on Netflix and all you find is epic movie after an epic movie. Which is not the case on Netflix (unfortunately), but it is on Stab.com.

I didn’t surf until five years ago, and Stab has had a huge impact on my surfing “knowledge”. For me, discovering their series like Stab Highway, Stab in the Dark, Acid Surfboard Test, and many more, was (almost) as exciting as learning how to do a bottom turn. If you haven’t watched them yet, you’re lucky as you have so much epic stuff yet to watch

If you’re after something other than video content, their articles are always a great way to spend time too. We now live in a world where our attention span is seconds long rather than minutes because we’re so used to consuming bite sized content. The
Stab articles all have varying read times, but when you find a good one - you’ll find yourself totally absorbed for 10 minutes. You dive into whatever they’re writing about and completely forget about time - and then spend a good 2 hours after that daydreaming about your next surf trip. There’s a huge variety of articles available online, from event recaps to travel guides to athlete scoops, so next time you find yourself scrolling TikTok aimlessly - challenge your attention span and head to Stab.com. Your Screentime will thank you. 

The last thing that I want to mention is their Instagram page. I am not sure how they manage it, but it looks like they find all the best surf clips and collect them together on one profile. If you follow them, you never miss a wave. 

We’re launching The limited Stab Edition products next week, which have intentionally been debranded. We’ve used ghost marks and removed logos wherever they were before. So all that’s left is the Stab premium golden logo and some inside hidden Db x Stab collab logo.