For the last couple of years we’ve had a whatsapp group that's been growing by the day. Any time we need something, we take our questions to the group, write our message and get this amazing wisdom back from the most talented people in any of our fields.

It wasn’t long before we migrated from WhatsApp to Zoom, in a bid to get know *really* know the these people who were living in our phone, making it happen. Everytime we have a Db Zoom sesh, Christa Funk calls in from either Hawaii or the North Shore and there is usually a dog (named Zazou). No matter where she is though, she has feedback for us and a point of view which flips our train of thought and helps us thrive.

Over the years, we have had the pleasure of front-row seats to her stories - whether they’re centered around her background in photography or tales of the North Shore. Christa will recount how she swims and shoots in the line-ups on the heaviest days - and we just sit there open-mouthed and listening (the only thing missing is popcorn). Her career is fascinating and we’re oh so happy she is here with us at Db.

Christa's Favorite Db Gear

"The Coast Guard didn’t get me woven into the North Shore. The experiences and jobs I had taught me how to make critical decisions under pressure, and that ability served me well, but time and dedication shooting in the water wove me into the fabric on the North Shore. I started out with small days and kept progressing to bigger, there’s no shortcut. ”

- Christa Funk

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