Intellectual property

Our vision is to enable meaningful journeys. One way we achieve this is by focusing on original creative work. We have a long list of Intellectual Property consisting of Patents, Design Registrations, and Trademarks, all of which can be found on this page:

Design Registrations

Hugger Backpack Family: CN 306708023 S, 82116320001000-4000, DM/211632
Hugger Backpack Family: DM/221429
Ramverk Backpack Family: CN 306717629 S, 82116320001000-4000, DM/211632
Ramverk Luggage Family: CN 307013980 S, DM/216393
Roamer Family: DM/221429
Roamer Family: DM/230547
Freya Family: DM/221429
Snow Roller Pro: DM/221429
Snow Roller: DM/221429
Surfboard Bag Pro: DM/217442
Surfboard Bag: DM/217442
Skate Bag: DM/230547
Adjustable Ski Sleeve: DM/230547
Adjustable Snowboard Sleeve: DM/230547
Db Hook: DM/230547
DB Strap Adjuster: DM/230547

Patent Registrations

Snow Roller (Lenght adjustment / Rib Cage): EP12759506.4, 14/240,933 201280046772.8, EP12759506.4, EP12759506.4, EP12759506.4
Bicycle Bag (Frame / Compression): 20180306, 201980011972.1, 16/975,898, EP19712311.0, EP19712311.0, EP19712311 .0
Surfboard Bag (Length Adjustment / Rib Cage): 20201006PCT/NO2021/050191
Surfboard Bag (Compression / Rib Cage): 20210186, PCT/NO2022/050038

Trade Marks

D_b_: 317589, IR 1639988
277952, 920006825, UK00801255009, IR1255009
Douchebags: 272600, UK00801222756, 920007066, TMA928,962, IR 1222756
IR 1668888