Free Surfer

Date of birth
12 February 1980

Guecho, Spain

Maybe it’s in his Spanish blood, this uncontrollable urge to scour the furthest edges of the earth? Or maybe he just loves surfing alone? Whatever it is, Kepa is undeniably the world’s greatest modern surf explorer. Emphasis on explorer. Not conquistador. Because as Kepa discovers new waves in remote areas of Africa, India and Indonesia, he does it with a full heart and a wide smile, leaving nothing but footprints — ahem, and surfboards— in his wake.

Career Highlights

1. One of the last true surf adventurers

2. Has discovered more waves than most will surf in their lifetime

3. Introduced surfing and stoke to remote cultures around the world.

Kepa's Favorite Db Gear

“I used nothing close to this, it makes my life easy, I'm super impressed.”

- Kepa Acero

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