There’s a sacred time before any adventure when we dream of what might be.

The unshot vision, the unpaved path, the unkissed lips.

Like a toy car, we wind ourselves up with forecasts and group texts, nerves and excitement. The anticipation is intoxicating.We pack for a universe of potential, until every box is ticked and zipper zipped, and we catapult from planning into the world of possibilities.

This part is called the journey, and on it we may encounter a million things: Wins. Losses. Discovery. Dismay. Untracked lines, empty lineups. Weather delays, bluebird days. Heartache. Ecstasy. Enlightenment.

It doesn’t really matter. The only certainty, the only reason we repeatedly leave the comfort of home for the uncontrollable, is because when we return, we’re better people than when we left.

We build and design for defiant creatives.

Db was started with a clear vision: to enable meaningful journeys. Born out of a passion for action sports and a love for the outdoors, our founders, Truls Brataas and Jon Olsson, met while surfing in Hoddevik, Norway. They shared a common desire for better travel solutions when traveling with skis, snowboards and surfboards. Two years later in 2012, they were selling their first award-winning product - the Snowroller. Since that day we have never strayed far from our ethos. Obsessed by the journey, we continue to build for and learn from our community and ambassadors.

In the mountains, streets and oceans.

Bringing the conversation of travel to new spaces.


Stockholm, Sweden

To new communities.

Aiming to do better.
Come join us.

Chief Sales Officer
John Olav Evans

Chief Marketing Officer
Jonathan Weaver

EU Wholesale Go to market Manager
Line Haugen-Eriksen

Brand Manager DACH & BeNeLux
Ole Pavel

Senior KAM Norway
Dan Södergren

Sales Manager UK
Robin Fairweather

Senior KAM Sweden & Denmark
Johan Palmgren

B2B Project Manager
Stine Måseidvag

B2B Platform and Ecom Responsible
Albert De Boer

B2B Sales Cordinator Scandinavia
Pernille Ostby

B2B Sales Cordinator EU
Mareike Weaver