Free Surfer

Date of birth
07 September 1988

Newcastle, Australia

There’s something about the way he positions his limbs. The way his knees knock. The way his long locks flow behind him as he flows down the line. It all lulls you into a sort of hypnotic trance until...until...BAM! He snaps you out of it by popping one of the biggest airs you’ve ever seen. It’s at that point that you remember that Ando’s much more than a “style guy.” The South African born, Central Coast-NSW living goofyfoot has captured the attention and admiration of a generation, hitting you with that perfect blend of high performance and je ne sais quoi, with no signs of stopping.

Career Highlights

1. Arguably the most influential and prominent free surfer of today

2. The premier stylist of his generation

3. Too many film parts to mention

Craig's Favorite Db Gear

"There’s a great attention to detail on the products, and I like that they’re pretty stealth — all black — and that the bags all mesh really well together."

- Craig Anderson

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