Small Talks with Db Mom Ida

We sat down with Ida, a member of our Design team, to chat through the Db products she can’t live without as a Mom. While we didn’t initially think our bags would be the first choice for Mamas when leaving the house, after 5 minutes with Ida we can see why things like packbags, the Hook-Up System™ and expandable literage is a game changer for Moms on the move like her. 

Which Db bag is your favorite and why?
Our Freya Backpack is an organizational heaven. It has plenty of internal pockets you can designate specifically to all the things you take with you whenever you leave the house. I pair mine with the Freya pouches that fit perfectly inside the mesh pockets because it means if ever you need to switch out your bags, you can do it quickly and conveniently. I WISH we’d designed this back when my son was a baby - it’s a game changer. 

Now that my son is older, I often use the Surf Rolltop Backpack 32L.You never really know what you need to leave home with, so its roll top closure is super practical because I can tailor the literage to our day. I also love the hooks on the front; using the Hook-Up System™ I can hook my son’s little backpack there on the way home from kindergarten. 

Which Db bag do you prefer when traveling with your son and why?
The RoamerSplit Duffel, no doubt. I have both the 50L and the 70L depending on the length of the trip, and I love how I have one side for my stuff and my son has the other side for his stuff. And if the trip is longer or we need some extra literage, I hook it up onto the Hugger Roller Bag and we’re ready to roll. Other small but mighty products that are staples for us are the packing cubes, they really make it easy to stay organized during the whole trip.

Why would you recommend Db bags to especially parents?
I recommend our bags because they are thought through, and it’s quite easy to find one in the range that will suit your needs. The fact that many of our bags have full front openings makes finding the right thing at the right time so easy. But most of all, the Hook-Up System™ is a game changer when it comes to traveling with kids. I often travel solo with my son, so being able to hook bags onto each other means I’m free to hold my son’s hand instead of struggling to carry everything and looking like a pack mule.