Luis Medearis

“The mountains really do change so many things for so many people. We definitely want more people snowboarding - it’s the best thing ever.”

A shiny new episode of Pack Heavy, Chase Light is here and this time, Luis Medearis is in the hot seat. He takes Sam around Sacramento, on a scorching day in a car sans air-con to shoot hoops and discuss everything from his shift from basketball to snowboarding, to what he and the rest of the crew at Culture Shifters are doing to instigate more diversity on the mountain.

“Coming from basketball to snowboarding is a complete change… but there, it's the same motivation - hard work.”

Luis is an excellent example that, with enough fire in your belly, you can achieve anything. We hope you enjoy this episode of Pack Heavy, Chase Light as much as we did. To think Lu has achieved everything he has in just two short years and by the age of 26, well, it's nothing short of mind boggling.


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