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The Story

How the world's first adjustable, compressible, rib-protected board bags were born.

The Db Surf Story - Chapter 1

Destinybegins. "There were glaciers to ski, waves to surf, and in an emerald bay beneath two mountain peaks, there were ideas to share." Swipe to read more about our journey to create the new standard in surf luggage.

The Db Surf Story - Chapter 2

At Db we always try to take one step back and think outside the box during the concept phases. One of our many concepts was “The Taco,” which was inspired by how chefs protect their knives.

The Db Surf Story - Chapter 3

Once we found a construction and concept that filled our tech specs, it was time to get into the details. Our patented Rib Cage Technology allowed us to protect more and reduce the weight, but we didn’t settle there, since our goal was to be the most protective and durable bag on the market. But when light weight, durability and full compression are needed, there are no easy solutions.

Designed in Scandinavia, by surfers everywhere.

When designing products we always get insights from our core communities and Damnbrilliant people. Meet one of the best surfers, and our friends, who helped us reached the goal by designing the new standard in surf luggage.

Jordy Smith

Power surfer and aerial wizard. Kai Neville darling and CT jock. South African living in Hawaii. Or is it California? Depends on the day. Anyway, Jordy Smith is a man that can leap between opposing worlds with relative ease. Which is why we shouldn’t have been surprised when we introduced him to Db and he passionately engaged with the products, despite being in the thick of a world title race. Since then, Jordy has played an integral role in developing our surf program, and has shown his confidence in the results by investing his hard earned cash into Db itself.

Sage Erickson

The Instagram bikini shots, long blonde hair and smile as warm as the sun are a distraction from the simple fact that Sage Erickson is a weapon of a competitor. Whether that’s represented in her exhaustive training or the results, like two Vans US Open wins, the Ventura-dwelling California girl is using her downtime at home to sharpen her boards, body and mind so she’s ready when travel resumes in 2021. And when it does, she’ll proudly be toting her gear around the world in Db luggage.

Noah Wegrich

To have a surf career today is to compete, or influence, or vlog. Noah “Waggy” Wegrich is a rare exception, a throwback to simpler times when a freesurfer could make their living unbound by jerseys or the battery life of a GoPro. With self-produced films like Elude, and a willingness to search for good surf in chilly waters of Canada, Chile and Scotland, Waggy is a modern day freesurfer, and one we’re excited to be waving the Db flag near his home in Santa Cruz, and around the globe.

Surf Luggage Deep Dive

Calling all design nerds: Learn how Db's product developers created The Bunker and Shelter through a rigorous and detail-forward design process.