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Pernille Ski Torp

Urban skiing in Oslo.

Skiing doesn’t always have to take a lot of time with challenging trips and bulky gear. Pernille Ski Torp works in a regular 9-5 job, but still manages to go skiing on a normal Wednesday evening. On Pernille and Douchebags´ home ground, Oslo, you can just hop on the subway and be on the slopes in 30 minutes. Do like Pernille and hook up your Explorer to the Douchebag and head out.

Who is Pernille Ski Torp?
I’m just a simple girl who loves to meet new people and experience new things, every day I'm looking for a new adventure. I'm always afraid to miss out.

Where is the best place for night skiing in Oslo?
Oslo Vinterpark has everything you need and it is so close to the city! They even got a touring-spot there.

This winter has been like a fairytale, I hope it continues!!

If you have a weekend off, where in Norway would you go skiing?
Out of all the beautiful places in Norway, I would always choose Lofoten.
But it’s too far for only a weekend, so then I'd rather go to Vatnahalsen.
The perfect spot!

What do you always pack in your bag before getting out on the slopes?
Bars, water, always one extra jacket (I hate being cold) and some food. Then I’m good for a while!

"Oslo Vinterpark has everything you need so close to the city!"