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First glance at our

Two new

family members

First glance at our

Two new

family members

The Backpack & The CIA

Let photographer and long time Douchebags friend Oskar Bakke take you through our two brand spanking new products; The Backpack and The CIA. Is this the best backpack and add-on from Douchebags yet?

“I’ve been waiting for this moment so long. After years of testing it together with Jon and the Douchebags crew I’m so happy that everyone now can use what I consider the best daily pack both for photographers/vloggers or friends just out traveling from A to B.”

- @oskarbakke, Photographer

After long design discussions and a lot of out in the field testing, The Douchebags design team has come up with your one stop shop, all in one, can’t be beaten backpack. When you add The CIA it features all the necessities for the everyday traveller, vlogger and photographer. Together the combo includes a padded laptop sleeve, internal straps to hold down The CIA, spacious top pocket for quick access, and smart inside mesh pockets keeping all the essentials in order.

Oskar Bakke

When not acting as house photographer for Douchebags, Oskar Bakke mostly aims his camera against expensive sports cars. "Through my pictures, I hope people will learn to appreciate beautiful cars as much as I do. It's a wonderful type of photography where composition and editing go hand in hand." says Oskar. With an average of 250 travel days a year, Oskar Bakke is not only a pro photographer but also a pro traveler. With that many days a year out on the road and with 10 years in the photography business we couldn’t be more happy to have Oskar join forces together with the design team at Douchebags developing a backpack suitable for photographers and filmers. Scroll down and discover his favourite features with our two new family members.

Kickass Hybrid

I love the size of it. It’s very practical since it fits my every day camera gear including the camera insert, and it’s easy to switch around to lifestyle mode once I’m done shooting. Now when Douchebags finally has a camera insert and proper features for photographers it suits me perfectly. During a year of testing it has been my everyday go-to bag and it really meets the demands I have for a daily bag; both for downtime home in Stockholm, and for work. I also love that it doesn’t look like a camera bag and blends in perfectly in an urban environment.

Laptop Pocket

This is a life saver as it gives you quick access to the laptop at airport security, when at meetings or any time during the day when you quickly need to whip out your computer and get stuff done.

Mesh Pockets

I hate cables and adapters but with these new mesh pockets I can at least clearly and quickly get an overview of everything and access it quickly without needing to dig around in some big mess.


Don’t let your camera gear rattle around in your bag. Place your possessions in The CIA, pad em’ up and put your gear in check mate. With two smart straps you can attach The CIA to The Backpack with ease, making the switch from work to after work fly by.

“This really is the ultimate all-purpose daily bag. For me as a vlogger it’s perfect since I can fit everything I need in an organized manner. The CIA fits like a charm, everything from hard drives, chargers and memory cards fit into the inside mesh pockets, and the top pocket gives you quick access to the daily essentials.”

- Jon Olsson, Co-Founder of Douchebags

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