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Letter from our CEO

Letter from our CEO

Letter from our CEO

January 11, 2021

To those of you who have been with us over the years,

We love journeys. How they challenge us, how they change us, and how they make us better.

This is why we make travel gear, to help you take meaningful journeys.

To us, a meaningful journey is more than simply going from one place to another. It’s about the process of change and evolution we go through along the way, and the power this has to open our minds and shape our lives.

Like you, our brand is on a journey.

So, what’s our journey?

I met my co-founder Jon Olsson while surfing, and found we both loved skiing and the way those adventures had changed our lives. So we decided to make traveling with skis and snowboards less of a pain in the butt. We made the best ski and snowboard bag we could imagine, and then asked the community: What should we call it?

Douchebags! You said.

So be it! We said.

The rest, you could say, is history.

But to tell you the truth, we never could have imagined that our ski bag project would one day become a global brand.

As we grow we evolve. So we are building a brand that can join new communities all around the globe. Something we can adapt and change with ourselves and the world around us.

So, we are changing from Douchebags into

Sure, but what does
Db mean?

Db can mean whatever you want! That’s the fun part. We want to help you to take meaningful journeys, but really we just hold your stuff. The rest — the adventure, the experience — is up to you. So we feel that Db's meaning should belong to you, too. Because in many ways, it always has.

So let’s make it personal, let’s make it fun, let’s leave it up to you.

Deliciousbagels. Why not? Deepbreathing? Maybe a bit much. Dreambigger? Well, that’s the point!

And sure, if you’ve always known us as
Douchebags and think of that whenever you see Db, then roll on!

But don’t go getting a tattoo just yet, because
Db is always on the move.

Wait, scrap that. Definitely get a tattoo. Just send us the pic, OK?

No matter what happens, you can trust that it’s always
Db. Because Db represents evolution and change in our brand. It’s how we journey together.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I hope this is just the beginning.

Truls Brataas - Db Founder and CEO