Hugger Bundle 25L + 90L

Hugger Bundle 25L + 90L
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Hugger Bundle 25L + 90L
Regular price 5.498 kr 4.679 kr
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Bring more, carry less. This Hugger set includes a Hugger Roller Bag 90L and a Hook-Up System™ compatible Hugger Backpack 25L. A set ensuring your journey from A to B runs smoothly.

Enjoy 15% off when buying as a bundle.

The set includes
✓ Hugger Backpack 25L
✓ Hugger Roller Bag 90L

Top features
✓ Db’s ribcage engineering ensures next-level protection
✓ Solid structure - no shapeshifting here, even when empty
✓ Fully opening main compartment means easy access to your gear
✓ Hook-Up System™ compatible

2 year warranty

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Free Returns

Hugger Bundle 25L + 90L

The Hugger Family

Originally sketched up in Excel, our founder, Truls used the Golden Ratio (a mathematical truth used by everyone from Pythagoras to Dalí) to perfect his designs. Our first Hugger was developed over 10 years ago and paved the way for the award-winning collection of backpacks and rollers that you know today.

All your gear

Spacious main compartment


Rib Cage Technology™

In one hand

Hook-up System™