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Award-winning travel gear

Db design is rooted in problem-solving. Rather than ignoring issues, we like to dive into the center of them and use our core community of skiers, snowboarders, cyclists and creatives to help us shine the torch directly on the problems they face within their niches. What starts as a community-specific product often ends with being adopted worldwide, like our best-selling Strøm backpack.

We work with the Scandinavian design philosophy of functional minimalism. Sure, the aesthetics are important - but if we don’t believe a feature is 100% adding the usability of a bag, we get rid. We believe in the complexity of simplicity and are constantly tinkering with our designs, and our name (who remembers Douchebags?!) to better ourselves.

As a travel brand, the success of our business rides on people exploring the world. However, we’re well aware of the extent the travel industry negatively impacts our planet. The irony is not lost on us. We recognise it is our responsibility to educate our audience on conscious travel and be truly transparent about how our business is run, the materials we use and the impact our bags have on the environment.  

Our materials are sourced carefully to perform at the highest levels in quality, chemical restrictions & sustainability. We use the Higg Index and tools created by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) to monitor our materials’ and products’ climate impact.

The thing that separates Db from others is our dedication to innovation. It’s our USP, and we’re proud to say we’ve even won awards for some of the clever little tricks we have up our sleeves (and in our bags). 

For simpler, hassle-free travel and storage, we came up with the Hook-Up System™️, the patented Length-Adjustment System™️ and Rib-Cage Construction™️ to offer unrivaled protection for your belongings.