Db Father's Day Stories

Father's Day is all about celebrating the unique bond between dads and their kids. At Db Journey, we asked some of our awesome Db dads to share their stories and tips for traveling and adventuring with their little ones. From surfing trips to weekend hikes, their experiences are full of laughs, lessons, and memorable moments. Here's what they had to say.


Traveling with kids can be an adventure, a nightmare or both...
We’ve experienced both sides of the coin over the years, learned a few things along the way and how to avoid some of the chaos.

Firstly, pack smart and light with quick access to plenty of distractions. I take a 15L Daypack full of their favorite toys, coloring books and regular books. My youngest clearly thinks he is a boss on top of my Coffin Boardbag or Ramverk luggage when rolling through the airport with his mini backpack on. It's like going on a joyride for him and it takes the weight off my back and minimizes the chances of him running off into a crowded airport and getting lost.

On the flight is where the quiver of entertainment starts to really come into play; books, coloring books, iPad movies, educational games, and audiobooks on tablets or phones (don’t forget headphones!). At the same time, dripping out the healthy snacks between the entertainment goes a long way.

Overall we try to embrace the journey, stay patient and know we will soon be under a palm tree.

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The Weekend Mission
Most weekends we will go out and do something. We ski or snowboard in the winter and hike or cycle during the summer. The joy of accomplishing something with your kid as a dad is pretty sweet. Whether that’s reaching the top of a mountain, trying a new slope, or just going somewhere new! As long as there is a reward at the end of the mission (AKA candy) and a good lunch there is always motivation.

Pro tips
Always bring a non-stick, non-crumbly, non-melting candy in your pocket for on-mission snacks. This is crucial for success
Plan and explain what the intention for the day is
Activity is the mission. Candy is the goal
Bring warm clothes (Norway has cold temps and unstable weather) 
Create memories for a lifetime.

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Small adventures matter.
I recently participated in a happiness workshop where we were asked to recall our best feelings from the past six months. Unsurprisingly, a series of memories with our kids came to mind, most of which were related to small adventures we had together as a family. 

I recalled the stoke on our daughter's face when hitting that big jump, and the pride of our younger son skiing the blue slope by himself for the very first time. Sharing those moments of joy and mastery with your loved ones.

I still get a bit of FOMO when I see friends hitting that big mountain on a bluebird day with waist-deep powder, however, my kids have taught me that equally strong memories are made by sharing small adventures with those you love the most.

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